What is waist training?

What is a Waist Trainer?

                  A waist trainer is a garment similar to a corset, but not quite as extreme and harmful as a corset. Corsets are usually held together by lacing in the back of the trainer, and can be very restrictive on your body movement. NuTrim Waist Trainers are undergarments that are made of latex, lyrca, and steel boning. The advanced fabric of the trainer and lining enables the trainer to stretch to your body both horizontally and vertically. All of our trainers are 100% Colombian Authentic. They are all handmade in Cali, Colombia.


How do Waist Trainers work?

                  The Waist Trainer works with your body in remolding, reshaping, and repositioning the fat and water weight in your midsection to give you a more defined hourglass figure. The internal latex material aids in maximum perspiration and fat burn. The Waist Trainer will help your body distribute fat either up or down, while losing 2-3 dress sizes.

              Another important function that the Waist Trainer serves is proper posture.  Posture is one of the leading causes for back pain and backaches. The Waist Trainer does an excellent job of keeping your back and shoulder straight, while relieving an immense amount of back stress.


How do you use the garment?

                  When you receive your Waist Trainer, you may need help putting the item on for the first time.  You should start with the first layer of hooks that are closest to the clasps. The garment should fit tight to your body. The garment will mold to your body shape and will become easier to put on over time while still keeping its elasticity and tightness due to the design. 

            You may wear the trainer anywhere from 4-8 hours a day, however long you feel comfortable wearing the trainer. We suggest starting at 3-4 hours a day when just beginning your waist training journey. As the trainer becomes easier to put on, you may adjust to the next set of hooks, reshaping the trainer to fit tighter on your body.

            When wearing the trainer, you want to ensure that your back is straight at all times. You also want to avoid any extreme bending, as this will wear out the steel boning. Any excessive bending while wearing the trainer will reshape the steel boning to curve at your bending points. The steel boning is meant to help assist training your body to practice proper posture by keeping your back and mid-section straight.

             Most of our customers start to see results after utilizing the trainer for 1-4 weeks.  We do suggest diet and exercising while waist training to speed up the process and receive quicker results! 



Results wearing the Waist Trainer - After 30 days you will notice a significant difference in your mid section. Clients have dropped at least 2-3 dress sizes in this timeframe.

Get started today on your journey to a better you! Have you gained a few pounds, just had a baby or have an event to attend or even recovering from surgery? A Waist Trainer is the perfect garment to get you feeling your best again and putting your best foot forward!