1) What size should I get?

Please refer to our sizing chart. It has all sizing information. We highly recommend referring to your waist measurement in inches, and then coinciding with which NuTrim Waist Size is most appropriate for you. For Undetectable Trainer sizing, we recommend ordering one size larger. 

2) What is your return, refund, or exchange policy?

Please refer to the sizing chart before placing all orders. 30 day refund exchange policy we will Please contact a representative at nutrimwaist@gmail.com. Customers will be held responsible for purchasing their own return postage (we will not reimburse). Please include order number, first and last name, item being returned, and what item you would like to exchange it for (style, color, and size) in the email. 

3) What is the difference between the Slim and Sport?

The Slim is for a less active lifestyle. If you are spending the majority of your day sitting, standing, and minimal bending, running, or any type of activity then we recommend the Slim. The Slim has faster results but does not suit a continuously active person throughout the day.

The Sport is for a more active lifestyle. If you are always on the move we recommend the Sport. The Sport can also be used for working out, running, hiking, and certain focused exercises. They assist greatly in proper posture!

We recommend getting both if you would like to use the Sport for working out strictly and the Slim for when you are at home/office.

4) How long do I wear them for?

We recommend 2-8 hours depending on how long you have been waist training and how comfortable your body feels with your waist trainer.

5) What does the Waist Trainer do?

It helps assist in losing weight. Of course, a healthy diet/nutrition plan and exercising will help speed up the process very quickly! If you are interested in receiving a nutrition plan ask us!

They also help with shaping your body into an “hour glass” figure. Giving you more of a curvy body and slimmer waist.

One of the main and most important functions that the Waist Trainer serves is PROPER POSTURE! Posture is one of the leading causes for back pain and aches. Not only is bad posture, slouching look ugly but it also prevents you from doing things in the future. Posture is one thing that is VERY OVERLOOKED! Waist Trainers do an excellent job of keeping your back and shoulders straight!

6) When will I see results?

The Waist Trainer goes to work the moment it is put on. Results can be as quick as a week. However, we highly suggest a combination of good diet/nutrition, exercise, and waist training to see the QUICKEST and BEST results!


7) Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, please e-mail nutrimwaist@gmail.com for all wholesale inquiries. Our trainers are made directly in Colombia and shipped from Colombia. 

8) What currency is used for pricing?

All prices are marked in US DOLLARS (USD).